Health Or Health Care – What is More Important?

It seems that most Americans have made the critical mistake of placing more importance on acquiring health care insurance than they have on staying healthy. Why is this a mistake? This may seem too insignificant to talk about, but it’s a critical distinction that is leading Americans to make some tragic errors. The mistake is that they are neglecting something they largely have control over and instead, they put all their hopes on obtaining health care, which is out of their control. How can we control our health future? We know that the vast majority of chronic illnesses in the United States are related to being overweight, using tobacco, and/or abuse of alcohol.These are all controllable risks. Another concept most Americans miss is that improving one’s chances of making it through life with good health costs very little, whereas buying health insurance or working like a slave to stay employed with benefits is very expensive. Health care costs money when we go to the doctor for a remedy we could provide for ourselves. Of course, once you buy health care insurance, you are paying whether you use the doctor or not, which is a waste of money. A better alternative is to set up a new Health Savings Account (tax-free) and back it up with a high-deductable medical insurance policy. Then, if you don’t need any medical services, you get to keep the money in your account for use later.You won’t lose this insurance when you change jobs or get laid off. Quitting smoking, ending excessive alcohol consumption, and cutting out junk foods doesn’t require a prescription, for example. You don’t need a doctor to figure out if you need to make changes. Taking a brisk daily walk after or before work doesn’t usually require permission from a doctor. It’s free and it will eliminate many of the negative affects of stress, in addition to burning off excess fat.Good Health Is a Do-It-Yourself Project Americans pay the most for health care, which should be called sickness care, and yet they are usually rated as the most unhealthy of the modern industrialized populations. Why is that? Most of our major chronic diseases are caused by being overweight. Every year we spend roughly $50 billion on books, weight loss pills, programs, and meal replacements, but we — for the most part — drift right back to being chubby couch potatoes. Apparently, most of us have no self-discipline when it comes to food and exercise. All the information on what a healthy diet consists of is available to all. For free. It is no secret. Instead, we choose to eat foods that are literally killing us and making us unattractive and miserable in the process!Closing the Barn Door After the Horse Has Escaped Relying on health care to restore your health after you have let it slide for years is expensive and painful. Even worse than eating one’s way into diabetes or heart disease is to have these diseases and trust that turning over the entire U.S. medical and insurance system to the federal government is going to make your life better. Once you have lost your health, you are at the mercy of your health care provider. In most cases, if you lose your job, you lose your insurance. Losing your health insurance is the number one cause of bankruptcy in the United States. If the government takes over the whole mess, who really thinks they’re going to make it better and cheaper?Oh, they’ll TELL you it will be more efficient and will cost less, but it never has worked out that way, has it? What does our federal government’s track record tell us? Number one, they haven’t been able to balance their budget legitimately for 42 years! Lately, they are running trillion dollar deficits with no end in sight. In five or ten years, do you want to be stuck depending on a broke government to provide your medical care? My friends, this is a bad time to come down sick due to a lack of willpower. It’s time for smart people to get serious about their weight and their health, so they don’t end up at the mercy of a nationalized health care system. That is likely to look a lot like the Walter Reed Army Medical Facility, if it were run by FEMA. Take control of your health while you can. It is so much easier (and more pleasant) than the alternative.**************************************************************************************** ****************************************************************************************

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Commercial Mortgages – Three Reasons Why Big Banks Are Not Making Commercial Mortgages

It’s no secret that many big banks aren’t closing commercial mortgage loans right now. If you are presently in the market for a commercial mortgage loan, then you have likely experienced first-hand the difficulty of securing financing for your commercial real estate property.But what might now be immediately clear to you is why these big banks are so reluctant to generate commercial mortgage loans.Commercial banks have all-time-high liquidity reserves, and excellent capital positions. Which means that they are hoarding cash, instead of lending it to small business and commercial property owners in the form of a commercial mortgage or other business loan.Why are they hoarding this cash, instead of making commercial mortgages or other business loans?There may be a number of reasons of varying legitimacy, but here are the three standard excuses:1. Increasing Regulation and Oversight. President Obama likes to pose for the cameras while insisting that Banks lend money to businesses.And by all rights they SHOULD be lending money to businesses. They should be handing out commercial mortgages like candy. That’s what this nation and its struggling economy needs.But instead, these sit on top of piles of hoarded cash. And they say that its because Obama’s cronies (i.e. the Federal Regulators) are making it difficult to lend.There is increasing regulations, restrictions and other red tape related to Banking, especially lending. And Big Brother is always looking over their shoulder, questioning their every move.If Obama really wants the banks to make more commercial mortgages and other commercial loans, he needs to get the Regulators off the back of the banks.2. Capital Levels. Banks are required by regulation to keep a certain level of capital on their balance sheets. Ever since the recent near financial collapse, Wall Street wants to see capital levels much higher than required levels. And bank stocks that don’t have incredibly solid capital levels have their stock prices punished. So they sit on their capital instead of lending it.3. State Of The General Economy. Many economists, analysts, and bankers believe that the economy isn’t really improving as much as the current administration wants you to believe.So they are hesitant to issue commercial mortgages, even the popular SBA 504 loan program, for any but the strongest borrowers. Their qualification standards for loans is borderline ridiculous in many cases, making it difficult for the average small business owner or property owner to secure needed financing.So there are three reasons why many banks aren’t lending right now. That’s the bad news.

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Top Signs That You Need Small Business Finance

It is easy to start a business. To keep it rolling and then grow is the tough part. As one goes along there will always be instances of cash crunch that prove to be roadblocks to further progress. Smart businessmen always keep lines of finances open so that they can take care of such situations. That is not the only reason to have a line of funding; growth and expansion are also equally viable reasons to have access to funds. There are signs that you need finance for small businesses.Pay vendors and pay salariesYou are already running a business and your funds are committed. It depends on cash flows to keep it running. All of a sudden a customer may delay payment but you must meet your commitment to vendors and to employees. You may consider borrowing from friends or relatives but there is no guarantee they will be forthcoming. This is when you need small business finance from the right lender. There is nothing wrong in borrowing if one has receivables incoming but which are delayed for some reason or the other.You secure a large orderSmall businesses need large orders in order to make a big leap. If a businessman secures a large order the problem is how will he execute it? He needs to buy raw materials, processes it and supplies it. He needs funds to buy materials and then he must manage while the materials are processed and supplied. It takes time from when he invests to when he recovers the money. This is when small business finance comes in handy. He can process orders quickly and by satisfying customers he can expect even more orders.ExpansionOne may start small and as one grows one finds that the present circumstances stand in the way of growth. Equipment may not be capable of high production that the growing business requires. Premises may be too small and cramped. This is the right type to access finance for small business and expand production capability and move into larger premises. One can engage more staff. It is necessary to take this step and expand or just be left behind as customers cannot wait for orders to be executed and they are likely to shift their business elsewhere.PromotionsA business may have a satisfactory number of clients but it must always engage in promotions, especially during some seasons. Promotions help keep the business visible and attract new customers and one can explore regular channels as well as others such as online. Periodic campaigns will net more customers and help the business sell its products in bulk. Obtaining finance for small business for these purposes will pay rich dividends.All these signs that a business needs extra finance may or may not occur concurrently. However, they do happen and a businessman is always alive to the signs and takes immediate action to access funds that will help him progress to the next level.

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